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Unleash the Warrior Within Book Review

Unleash the Warrior within Book Review

By Sorge Menendez

This book may look tiny, but it definitely packs a punch.

Written by a former navy SEAL and creator of the martial art “Bukido”, “Unleash the Warrior Within” has slowly become one of my favorite inspirational books.

Although I’ve known about the physical superiority of the members of the navy SEAL team throughout most of my life, I never was truly aware of the immense amount of mental training and strategies that these soldiers are taught through their time in the squad.

How to Reach Your Goals and Get Rid of Your Fear of Failure

What a Simple South Korean Grandmother Taught Me about Persistence

I was just reading a random article when a thought hit me that truly changed my perspective about many things in life:

There’s no such thing as failure!

The article tells the story of this South Korean grandmother who has failed her driver’s education exam more than 770 times yet still keeps on taking it every other day.

She has spent over $4000 dollars in the process.

According to the story, the lady has been taking the written portion of the exam every business day for the past 4 years, yet continues to fail it by a few points.