Why I write.


My name is Sorge Menendez and I am the editor of this blog.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of months (or aren’t selectively ruthless about what you let influence you), the newest media topic seems to be the failing of the US economy.

Everywhere you look is “recession this” “job loss that” “falling stocks there” and truth is that if you really let the negative message get to you, you cannot help but to start  believing that we’re currently living in both a pretty scary and similarly painful time with no hope for the future.

The question is:

“How can you keep a true abundance mentality in a world-wide situation like this one and not feel like a nutcase?”

Well, I’m not 100% delusional.

I know things are definitely rougher than usual and everyone who’s lost a job or has lost their home or investments is definitely in my prayers.

I also believe at the same time that unless we change our collective mindset about this situation, we’re never going to get out of it.

I personally think that there are several reasons why we are in the current economic state though, and predictably enough, they all have to do with (guess what?) a lack of a true abundance mentality!

Since we’re dealing with the economy, the field of economics would be the de-facto point of reference to begin this discussion.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about definitions though.

How you define something has a HUGE effect on your actions.

While I learned an incredible amount of valuable lessons by studying the field of economics that I still apply to my life on a daily basis, I was at the time and still am baffled by the major defining principle of the subject.

Can you really create more abundance for everyone when the textbook definition of the field of economics refers to it as the study of “how to allocate scarce resources…”???

Think about it.

Most businesses in this country are built on this presupposition.

As long as companies continue to run their businesses from this erroneous belief system based on a faulty mental model of the world cause by an erroneous definition, issues like the ones that we are presently going through will continue to take place for as long as businesses exist (which, sadly, hasn’t been too long for many of them as of late).

Just like your values can determine your life, the major challenge that we’re going through is not an “economic” problem, but a values problem.

If you take the time to analyze the current economic model followed by most businesses in this country, you can easily see that it is founded on a value system of scarcity.

Read most business and marketing textbooks (aka, the stuff they teach you in college) and you’ll see that most American businesses seem to have two major encompassing goals:

1)      Cut costs

2)      Increase profits

In simple words:

“How can I produce my product or service more cheaply and how can I charge even more than what I’m charging for a more cheaply-made product?”

If you’ve read any of the articles I give away for free in my site www.abundancementality.com, you can see that values like those only reinforce a true scarcity mentality.

Actually, it’s the same as saying you want to gain weight by dieting.

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s scarcity-focused.


It’s not working.

Sadly, this value system is only a reflection of the way in which we collectively think of as a culture.

Doing little simple things such as not tithing, taking ALL of your money out of the institution (that has served you all your life) or even not spending as much on things you need all of as sudden “just because things are bad” to bigger simple things such as letting your mortgage default just because your house isn’t currently worth as much as it used to are all actions based on a value of scarcity.

If you think scarce, your life becomes scarce.

If you get a nation thinking from a reference point of scarcity backed up by a misguided philosophy what could only happen is…well, the pickle we’re in right now.

As long as  we all continue to act in ways that reinforce our scarcity mentality  while getting the consenting “pat in the back” from a media whose major purpose is to make money out of your fear, our economic situation will never change.

So what is the solution to all this mayhem? I don’t know.

I doubt there’s a single magic bullet, if anything, there probably is an abundance of solutions.

For once, I do believe that if things are truly going to “Change”, the change itself needs to start at a core level ranging from issues the values of the major economic institutions to our values as a people and the actions we take in accordance to those values.

Everyone, businesses included, has to realize that, regardless what things may presently seem like, there’s still hope in the future and in the now because we are STILL living in a world of abundance where there’s plenty for everyone and their actions must reinforce this believe.

Is this belief system practical though?

Can you truly make money without being greedy?

Has anyone managed to do so in the business world?

Well, are there not people and companies STILL making millions of dollars in our current economy?

Did you know that even during the “Great Depression”, companies like Wrigley’s (the chewing gum people) as well as the movie industry and others actually thrived?

In a more current example, think about that breakfast place and their “free breakfast day” a few months ago.

With a “loss” of about $6 million dollars, they made  about $15 million dollars (or more) worth of free publicity (without mentioning the extra cash they made from selling coffee and other drinks and that’s without even mentioning the amount of lifetime customers they probably earned)…

Or even (at a smaller scale), the local neighborhood Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu school in Clearwater, FL giving away free lessons to students who have currently lost their jobs yet still want to continue to train?

That, my friends, is thinking abundantly.

Business is about value, not greed.

When it comes to it, at its core, it’s not even about money.

Money comes when you give value, not when you take it away.

You cannot give value unless you think abundantly.

Think about it. Cement that into your brain.

No, I’m not crazy and you’re not definitely crazy either if you choose to look through the noise screen and discipline yourself to live your life according to this value system.

Let’s eradicate scarcity by erasing it from our minds.

Do whatever it takes.

Tell people about this.

Share this article or my site with them.

Start a business!

Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted (spending helps the economy).

Next time someone comes at you with a message full of hopelessness and fear tell them there’s a shining light at the end of the tunnel.

There is.

It’s you.

And you can only start by changing yourself.

You can only start by having an abundance mentality.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to reach me at smenende@abundancementality.com