How to Reach Your Goals and Get Rid of Your Fear of Failure

What a Simple South Korean Grandmother Taught Me about Persistence

I was just reading a random article when a thought hit me that truly changed my perspective about many things in life:

There’s no such thing as failure!

The article tells the story of this South Korean grandmother who has failed her driver’s education exam more than 770 times yet still keeps on taking it every other day.

She has spent over $4000 dollars in the process.

According to the story, the lady has been taking the written portion of the exam every business day for the past 4 years, yet continues to fail it by a few points.

She wants to upgrade her business by using a car thus the reason why she needs a license.

I was so inspired after reading about her, I felt COMPELLED to write something about failure and why there truly is no such thing as it in the real world—as long as you keep on trying.

One of the worst types of fear in life is known as the fear of failure.

Fear of failure is among the most destructive fears anyone can possibly have. Most people will give up on a goal before they even get started just because of fear of failing.

Not only will this fear sabotage any attempt at starting any of your goals, but, at the same time, it will probably keep you from even trying to begin with and that’s exactly where it can hurt you the most.

Although there is such a thing as not reaching your goals; as long as you’re still trying, you must realize that there is NO such thing as failure.

The only true moment where you fail is when you don’t try.

Losing is not failure.

Losing is just that, not winning. For someone to be #1, there has to be a #2 and so forth.

After watching the last Super bowl, I thought for a moment about how horrible it must have felt for the losing team to lose in front of so many people.

Then I realized that both teams were truly winners.

Although one team obviously scored more than the other, and thus why they were considered the winners of the event, by making it to the Super Bowl to begin with, both teams proved to be better than EVERY OTHER TEAM in the league.

Can you really say that the players in the losing team are truly “losers” after thinking that way?


Persistence is the cure to the fear of failure.

I must admit something I’m not proud of to make a point.

I failed my first practical driver’s education exam.

Turns out that when I first started driving, I developed a bad habit of rolling through stop lights (mostly through bad modeling…hint…watching my parents drive).

After rolling through the first 2 stops on the range, and having no clue that what I was doing was actually wrong, the officer firmly asked me to stop the car and politely told me I had failed.

Having to take the exam again was a big blow to my ego, but I had no other option if I ever wanted to get my driver’s license.

I cannot even fathom what this lady must be going through having failed 770 times!

Still, you know what?

I made it the second time around and I really believe that if this lady keeps it up, she’ll probably get her license soon enough. What makes me respect her most is the fact that she keeps on trying.

After reading about a South Korean grandmother who has failed her driver’s education exam more than 770 times yet still continues to take it every day, I finally realized the fact that there truly is no such thing as failure.

Believing in failure and worst of all, being afraid of it are among the worst things anyone can do to reach their goals.

Persistence is the best solution to the fear of failure. As long as you keep on trying, eventually things are going to work out.


How many things have you put aside due to fear of failure? Realize failure is only an illusion (as long as you keep on trying) and take control of your life!

(You can find the article here)

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#1 Leo on 02.06.09 at 4:16 am

I totally agree with all that you said, but I could never have stated it as eloquently as you have. You make some valid points, and I am sure that with your perspective, many many people would accomplish many many more things.

I’ll definitelly be looking forward to reading more from you.

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