Want to be more productive and reach more of your goals? Get some rest!

Though it might seem like a waste of your prescious time, the truth is that if you want to lead a more productive life, you must make rest and relaxation a part of your daily routine.

Rest and relaxation should become key parts of your life and you must do whatever it takes to incorporate them into your daily activities.

In a society that worships overachievers, taking a break is often looked upon as being a bad thing to do.

From my personal experience in the real world though, I’ve found that “not doing” (on purpose) may be as important as taking action when it comes to getting things done.

In this article, I will be talking about the importance of rest in order to be successful in life.

If you’re a success-oriented person, especially one that wants to make lots of money, I bet that you’re in one of two situations right now 1) You have way too much on your plate to handle 2) You’re stuck with your knowledge not doing anything productive due to paralysis of analysis. I’ve been in both situations and, let me tell you, neither is fun.

The solution?

Get some rest!

The book The Power of Full Engagement, written by Dr. Jim Loehr, is based around two main concepts that you must understand if you plan to be successful at anything: 1) you have a limited amount of energy 2) everything in life takes place in balanced cycles regardless how much you might try to fight against it.

For that reason, in order to prevent burn out and actually get things done, an action cycle must be accompanied by a rest cycle. It’s the law.

If you have many things to do, make sure to schedule breaks in between. Though this might seem like a waste of time at the beginning, taking as little as 5 minute breaks every hour of work or so might actually increase the chance of you getting them done.

Regardless of what you might think of yourself and what you’re capable of, you’re still only human and humans need rest.

For example, in most activities, rest is actually THE most important part. For example, if you lift weights, you probably know that recovery is as important as the actual workout, if not more so.

Get into the habit of taking little breaks between each activity; it will pay off in gold.

Another great thing you could do for yourself is to take a mid-day nap.

I first read about this on the book The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield. According to the author, taking a 10 minute power nap during the day is among the best things you can do for yourself.

At the time, I did not believe it would actually have an effect on me. Actually, on the type of job I was working in at the time, it seemed like impossibility. Since I’m pretty committed to at least trying something once before criticizing it, I gave it a try (it actually involved driving my car a block away from work and taking a nap on it during lunch time) and yes, I must admit it works.

If you have the chance to pass out for 10 minutes in the middle of your workday, try it out…it will recharge your mind and leave you feeling refreshed in order to tackle the rest of the day.

Another important thing about rest is how much sleep you get as well as the quality of your sleep.

While most sources agree that 7-8 hours seem to be the best time, I’ve found that it’s realistic for some people to sleep less. The depth and quality of sleep seems to be more important than the actual total time. During sleep, the brain actually takes time to reorganize itself. This often happens during the deeper stages of sleep. Quality is also important. I’ve found that working out and taking some time to relax and clear my mind before going to bed helps out a lot.

Even if you take little breaks throughout your day and even take naps, if you’re not sleeping enough hours to wake up refreshed, you’re not probably being as productive as you could possibly be.

In a society characterized by over-achievers and Type-A behavior, the act of “not doing” may be shunned upon by many. If you truly want to be successful, it is imperative that you make rest and relaxation a part of your life.

By taking small breaks while doing tasks, taking a 10 minute nap once a day and sleeping enough to wake up feeling refreshed the next day, you will prevent burn out and actually be more productive.


Take the “alarm clock test.” Start going to sleep an hour earlier until you can wake up without having to rely on your alarm clock to get up. If it’s really important for you to be on time (as it is for most people in modern society) leave it on, or just try this on the weekends.

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