What is an abundance mentality?

Anyone who’s read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich knows that according to the author, there’s a hidden secret throughout the book that, when discovered, will lead the reader to riches.

After reading the book countless times, I believe I have found that secret. The best part about it is that although in Hill’s book it is used in the context of making money (since that’s what the book is about), the truth is that you can use the “Think and Grow Rich” Secret to manifest pretty much ANYTHING you want in life.

Keep reading and you will find out the quickest way you can discover Napoleon Hill’s money-making Secret to creating a lifetime of riches.

The first time I read Think and Grow Rich, I had no clue what the secret Napoleon Hill kept on mentioning was. One day, after countless readings, it finally screamed out at me from within the sentences. Let’s just say it was one of the biggest “Aha!” moments in my life. The funny thing about it is that it was there—ALL THE TIME!

You read it: The first step to finding Napoleon Hill’s Secret is realizing that it is hidden in plain sight.

Yes. It’s that easy to find out. In fact, he even tells you what the secret is SEVERAL TIMES throughout the book.

So yes, although there is a “secret”, it is by no means hard to find when you know what you’re looking for.

And what are you looking for?

Well, I found out the true secret when I realized that it wasn’t truly a magic spell or anything out of the ordinary. The true Secret of Think and Grow Rich is nothing else than a formula, a process.

Yes, instead of being some “occult knowledge” Hill’s secret is nothing else but a FORMULA. That is, a group of beliefs and behaviors that when used, lead to true wealth.

Knowing that it’s a process (very much like a to-do list) instead of an esoteric “secret knowledge” should bring you closer to finding the hidden secret in Think and Grow Rich.

Another important clue to finding Hill’s Secret is to look at the book’s table of contents.

Yes, it’s that simple. Pull up the book and read the table of contents. Take a look at it and see if anything stands out to you. Now that you’re looking for a secret process and that you know that it’s hidden in plain sight, look through the table of contents and THEN read the book again.

Reading through the table of contents was one of the main things that made the whole Secret stand out for me.

Finally, what I consider to be the best way to find out the actual secret: TRY THE STUFF IN THE BOOK OUT!

What really put everything together for me was doing the actual exercises that Hill talks about in the book. Try them out for yourself for a while and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you’ve read any of my articles in my blog, you know that I believe in taking action and the positive effect it has on your life. Taking action by using the techniques that Napoleon Hill gives you on Think and Grow Rich will definitely help you come closer to discovering the money-making Secret in the book.

According to the author, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich contains a hidden secret that when found and used, can lead you to riches.

While discovering the Secret can be challenging, the process can be made easier by knowing that:

1. It’s hidden in plain sight
2. It’s a formula
3. It helps to read the table of contents
4. Using the techniques that Napoleon Hill gives you in the book will help you discover the Secret

Once you know Hill’s Secret, you will have the knowledge to manifest pretty much anything you want in life…as long as you commit to applying the formula.

I hope that reading this article helped you get closer to discovering the Secret on your own.

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