How to Attract Wealth With A Positive Mindset

We all have thoughts. Thinking is in fact among the few precious qualities we have that make us human.

The only thing that’s truly under your control is your thoughts, if you don’t make a conscious decision to control your thinking, most of your efforts to make tons of money will be in vain.

If you let your negative thoughts take over your life, the consequences can be dire. In order to have a true “abundance mentality” that leads to long-lasting wealth, it is imperative for you to make sure that your thoughts remain positive and focused.

You’ll be surprised of the amazing effect that focusing on having a positive mindset will have on your life and well-being.

In order to deal with your thinking as effectively as possible, you must first be aware of the thoughts you have going on inside your head on a daily basis.

You may think you know what you think, but unless you make a conscious effort to watch your thinking, you will probably not notice half of the HABITUAL negative thoughts that go on inside your head on a daily basis.

Where the attention goes, the energy flows. For that reason, it’s critical that you start paying attention and becoming more conscious about what you think. I’m not asking you to twist your legs into a pretzel and walk around humming OM—just to pay more attention to your thinking.

Once you start paying attention to what you think about as you go on through your day, you will probably begin noticing all of your negative or limiting beliefs, and thus, will be in a more powerful position to deal with them.

And how do you deal with them?

Well, the first step is to realize that your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time and only one thing.

Although the brain deals with billions of stimuli per second, the fact is that most of us can only handle about 7 different things at the same time; that’s why phone numbers in the United States have only 7 digits.

The truth is that our attention can only be focused on ONE thing and nothing more than that.

While this may seem limiting, this little “brain glitch” can be used in order to keep your mind positive. Whenever you catch yourself thinking of something negative, just think of something else that’s positive—case closed.

It’s as simple as that.

Since your conscious mind can only focus on one specific thing at a time, make it a habit to think positively by only focusing on positive thoughts.

Another important thing to “keep in mind” when dealing with thoughts is to:

Realize it’s all in your head.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, at a biological level, your thoughts are just that, thoughts–tiny electrical impulses that take place within your brain.

Without being philosophical or metaphysical, the truth is that your thoughts are ALL yours and only take place inside YOUR head. No one’s listening in.

For that reason, realize that you have the choice to interpret whatever happens in your life however you choose to interpret it. What do you think is better, to think positively about some bad event that took place and try to learn a lesson from it, thus keeping your emotions in check,  or to beat yourself up about it for days (or even years?) and suffer silently?

Your thoughts are yours, and for that reason, you can choose how you’re going to think about the situations in your life.  It’s your choice to interpret things either positively or negatively. In the long run, the person who will be affected the most by how you choose to think is no one else but you.

In order to make money and truly have an abundance reality, being conscious of your mindset and dealing with your thoughts in a positive manner is a key habit.

Firstly, you must pay close attention to your thoughts. Once you’re aware of your thinking, use the way your brain works by choosing to only think positive thoughts. Best of all, realize your thoughts are yours to do with whatever you feel like and allow yourself to interpret your life in a positive manner.

While the results of thinking positively might seem almost miraculous once you begin to use this, there’s no better effect from this practice than the peace of mind it will provide you with.

If you want to make incredible amounts of money and have true abundance in your life, adopting a positive mindset is the way to go!


Begin to pay attention to your thoughts on a daily basis. You might be surprised by what you learn from yourself.

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