The Secret in Angels and Demons That Can Make You Rich

The Secret in Angels and Demons That Can Make You Rich

By Sorge Menendez

–Warning, no movie spoiler that I’m aware of here–

I just watched the movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s (of DaVinci Code fame) book “Angels and Demons” last night.

I have to say that the movie was absolutely amazing.

While I’m going to avoid talking about specific parts of the plot here because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you– I did discover several secrets in the movie that can potentially help you become rich.

I’m now going to share them with you.

By the way:

—–If you plan to see the movie, I suggest you read through this entire article first and THEN go watch it.

That way it will reinforce your learning experience. ——

Secret #1

Realize that life is a quest.

Whether you choose to accept it or not, life is truly a quest.

It’s an adventure you were basically thrown in, where you’re the only true person in charge of solving whatever comes at you and, most importantly—you’re responsible for its outcome, whether it be negative or positive.

Secret # 2

Always have a clear, definite goal.

If you’ve read Angels and Demons or seen the previews, you probably know that main character in the movie has a MAJOR goal to reach.

This goal was important, though, at its core, relatively simple; in retrospect—it even had a deadline!

If that’s not interesting enough, the goal was even divided into several sub-goals!

Secret # 3

Trust your intuition

One of the major lessons that the characters learn in the movie is that things do not always turn out exactly the way they expected them to be.

When working towards reaching your own goals, feel free to trust your intuition.

Trust your gut and do what you feel is right.

More often than not, that quiet voice deep within will help you solve many of the challenges you may encounter on your path—if you just listen to it.

Secret # 4

Signs will appear where you least expect them.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far about goal setting is that, as long as you have clear goals and are willing to put in the work to reach them, the “how” itself doesn’t really matter in the beginning, as long as you’re clear about the “what” and willing to work for it.

If you keep your eyes open and pay attention around you, you will start to notice and be drawn to things (via the Law of Attraction) and, if you’re clear enough about what you’re doing, will eventually attract whatever you need to yourself from the least expected places.

Angels and Demons was a great book and the movie version was even more amazing.

While the plot was fun to follow, there are some lessons “hidden” within it that, when applied to your life can help you reach any goal you desire—especially becoming rich.

You must realize that life is a quest, that you’re in charge and that you’re responsible.

Also, you need to have a clear goal or set of goals.

Once you have a clear goal, work as hard as you can to reach it and always make sure to trust your intuition.

Finally, have faith in yourself and trust this process—things will appear when you least expect them.


Go watch the movie or grab a copy of the book and see what other secrets you can learn from it!

© Sorge Menendez 2009, All Rights Reserved


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