4 Reasons Why You MUST Use Visualization If You Want To Get Rich

4 Reasons Why You MUST Use Visualization If You Want To Get Rich

By Sorge Menendez

If you want to get rich, visualization is a key technique you should use on a daily basis.

Visualization is the simple process of making images in your mind.

While you may think at first that you cannot visualize, you must realize that visualization is not only easy, but natural. Any time you remember something, or even imagine things, you’re doing some form of visualization.

Just do your best and don’t be too much of a perfectionist. As long as it feels like you’re seeing something in your mind’s eye, you’re in business!

By using the power of your imagination (imagination = “making images”) the right way, you can manifest more wealth than you can imagine.

Using visualization on a daily basis will help you erase your limiting beliefs, keep you motivated, program your RAS, and activate the law of attraction.

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If you’re lacking anything in life, it’s not due to your circumstances or lack of luck, but because of your limiting beliefs.

Think about this.

If I were to ask you why you could never become a millionaire, I bet you could give me dozens, if not hundreds of excuses why this is so.

I’ll go even further—having worked in the social sector, I noticed a very sad, yet interesting effect—the poorer the people I dealt with, the greater the amount of limiting beliefs they seemed to have.

The way of speaking of some of the poorest people I met (especially those with mental health challenges) were actually made up of a pattern of continuously shifting from one limiting belief to another!

By visualizing experiences such as earning a commission check of $10,000 per month over and over, or whatever it is that you’re working for, a funny thing starts to happen—you begin to develop FAITH in your ability to get it!

Yes, all of a sudden, making so much money doesn’t seem as far away from your reach as it seemed to, a sign that your limiting beliefs are being extinguished.

The moment you develop faith, you begin to get motivated.

Thus, visualizing what you want is the best and quickest motivator you can possibly use.

Obviously, to reach any of your goals, there usually will be some kind of work involved. If you’re not motivated, the odds of you sticking to whatever it takes to make that money are 0 to none.

That’s why most people quit before they even get started on something.

The minute you begin to purposely enhance your faith through using visualization, you’ll notice that your level of motivation and ‘stick-to-it-ness’ increases as well!

If you thought those two things were good enough, then we’re not done yet.

The act of visualizing things in your head has been found to act as a way of ‘programming’ your RAS.

The RAS (also known as the Reticular Activating System is a part of your brain (yes, no woo-woo stuff here, we’re talking hardcore neuroscience!) whose job is to pick out things and patterns out of the environment.

Once something gets programmed into it, you’ll start seeing it everywhere.

This is why when you buy a brand new car, all of a sudden, the same car keeps appearing as if by art of magic.

While this was an extremely helpful way from becoming tiger food back in our jungle days, it can also help you become aware of the opportunities you will need to get whatever goal you desire.

How do you trigger it?


Once you’ve programmed your RAS, all of a sudden you will begin to obey what philosophers call “the Law of Attraction (LOA)” and it will seem as though everything you need to reach that goal will miraculously pop into your life.

The Law of Attraction is one of the most important laws of manifestation that you can employ.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that you cannot not use it regardless what you do…,

Think about it:

If according to the Law of Attraction, you always get what you visualize, then the reason behind your good or bad “luck” is nothing else than the images you keep in your head.

Crappy images, crappy results.

Awesome images, awesome effects!

This information alone will change your life if you put it to use.

Conscious visualization is one of the most important tools you can use to get whatever you want in life. Purposeful visualization is natural and easy to do, if you just practice it on a daily basis.

Using a powerful system like this one will help you employ visualization to its greatest capacity.

By using visualization, you not only help to eliminate your limiting beliefs, increase the amount of faith you have in yourself and your goals, program your RAS and, most importantly, put the Law of Attraction to work FOR you, instead of against you.


Pick something you want and decide to use all 4 of these skills to work.

Comments of your results are more than welcome!

(C) Sorge Menendez, www.Abundancementality.com 2009, All Rights Reserved

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