4 things you must do today to make more money

Everyone wants to make more money, yet very few people are willing to do what it takes to do so.

I have a simple question for you:

“Can you make an extra dollar by the end of the day today?”

That’s it. Not $100, not $1 million, but just 1 measly buck.

I asked myself that question months ago and was amazed to find out that 99% of the people I knew did not have an answer to it.

What I found amazing was that even the professionals I knew (with the big titles after their names) were as stuck as the people working blue collar jobs.

Their cages were just fancier.

The only person who had a realistic answer for me was a friend of mine who (ta-da!) is as much into self development as I am and (ta-da!)  also happens to be an entrepreneur.

He calmly stated all he had to do was send 1 email out and he could make not just $1, but as much as $100 in less than an hour. Having been bankrupt and homeless once in his life, he also suggested with a  gleam in his eye that it was relatively easy to pan-handle the same amount of money, but that is something I’d rather not get into (it’s funny how another friend of mine who manages a department store also hinted at option #2).

After we talked for a few hours, we brainstormed several different action habits that you can start doing right away if you want to make an extra buck a day.

First of all—become self-employed.

If you haven’t noticed by now, living paycheck to paycheck isn’t going to help you make a buck. If you truly want to make money, it is massively important that you start your own business.

Does that mean you have to quit your current job? No. Start a part-time business you can do on the side. According to my buddy, service businesses are better than any other.

Find out what you’re good at and passionate about and start chargin’ for it!

Another important shift you must make is to become a producer instead of a consumer.

We live in a consumer society. One of the things that means is that, instead of being “doers”, we’re used to “being done to.”

If you want to make that extra buck, you need to become productive. Take 5 minutes and write down how many things you’ve actually produced in the past month. Be real.

Remember—the more you produce, the more money you make.

Something else you must do is to, well, “do what works.”

What do I mean by that?


Don’t reinvent the wheel.

While I absolutely encourage you to follow your dreams and do whatever you want to make money, remember that there are proven ways to get to where you want.

If you want to be financially successful, you must be willing to invest as much time and money as you possibly can to learn from other people’s experience.

Remember, a $20 book may contain the lessons learned over a person’s entire life—and you can learn the same lessons in less than a week by reading it!

Be smart, do what works and learn from others!

Follow other successful people’s example and you will see how your chances of being successful increase.

The question in your mind should be “How did THEY get it to work?” Once you find an answer, get to it!

Finally, be open to new options. Whenever you get started with some new idea, you’ll notice that it will start to feel as though new ideas and opportunities begin popping out of the woodworks.

Sadly, 90% of the time we’re too busy, disorganized, or pessimistic to even try out those ideas…

Quit being lazy and start taking chances. Learn to take advantage of lucky breaks and make them work for you!

Be open to new opportunities from today on and you will see how it gets easier and easier to make a new buck.

If you want more abundance and wealth in your life, there are 4 key things you must do. You must own your own business; regardless whether it entails quitting your job and pursuing your dream or doing a part-time, 10-hours a week gig.

You must also make the mental shift of becoming a producer instead of a consumer. Create value and give it out instead of taking it from people.

While you’re busy producing valuable things in your new part time business, make sure to be open to opportunity. Whenever you get a lucky break, take it. The worst that could happen is that you end up paying a very expensive lesson.

Finally, do what works.  Instead of cracking your head reinventing the wheel, LEARN how others have gotten the same results you desire and apply them to YOUR specific circumstances.

While making an extra dollar a day is by no means an easy task, if you follow those key 4 principles, you should be able to make it a reality in your life.


Find out what you can do to get started doing at least ONE of the key things I mentioned above today.

(C) Sorge Menendez, www.Abundancementality.com 2009, All Rights Reserved


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