A little-known Practice that will help you manifest abundance in your life

A little-known Practice that will help you manifest greater abundance in your life

By Sorge Menendez

The ancient philosopher Pythagoras built his school of thought on the principle that “the world is numbers.”

While his teachings may sound too esoteric and perhaps impractical to modern society (“What does he mean by numbers?”), there is an overarching truth behind his belief that you must grasp if you want to live a life of abundance.

If you want more abundance in your life, you need to understand that most of the things that matter to you can be translated to numbers.

This is what the Pythagoreans may have been referring to.

The secret behind this concept and why it is so powerful though is that once you know the key numbers in your life, you can use them to your advantage to get whatever you want—as long as you deal with them in a certain way.

Yes—numbers are VERY important.

I bet there are several important numbers that you are aware of at the moment such as your credit card pin number or even your phone number.

Can you imagine what would happen if all of a sudden you found yourself in an emergency in the middle of nowhere and forgot all about 9-11?

One of the laws of the abundance states that whatever you pay attention to you gain power over.

What numbers are you currently paying attention to? Which numbers are currently important in your life?

Are you focusing on lack or on abundance?

I once read a wonderful little book by T.Harv Ecker that changed my life.

In Secrets of the Millionare Mind, Ecker talks about the importance of tracking the things that matter to you and that you want more of.

In simple words, take charge of your money.

I absolutely agree with this.

Furthermore, I’ve seen the positive effect that this simple practice has had on my own life.

Before you can put this principle to work though, you must first find out what’s important to you. (If you want more info on goal-setting, you can always check out some of the articles on my site www.abundancementality.com which will help you make up your mind.)

Once you are clear on what you want, the best possible thing you can do is begin to track it.

A little trick I learned when it comes to matters of money is to track ALL transitions but, while always keeping a focus on the positives. Instead of worrying about how much you owe, focus on how much you’re making and always be thinking of ways to increase that number.

Are you always broke? “Broke” isn’t a state or a personality flaw.

It’s a result of your habits.

Track your spending habits and also track your savings habits.

Literally carry a notebook and pen with you at all times and every time you spend any amount of money, make note of it (I personally use a palm top computer to track my spending, since it allows me to download everything back into my pc at the end of the month and straight into a spreadsheet).

Are you spending more than what you earn? Are you not saving enough?

Once you begin to use the power of numbers, you will slowly but surely realize that the majority of your money problems are really being caused by you, not “The Man” or supernatural beings bent up on ruining your financial life.

As long as you opt to take responsibility and change your habits for the best, there’s nothing that will keep you from seeing some improvement in your life.

We live in a world of abundance. There IS enough to go for everyone several times over; you just need to focus on the right things to get your share of it.

The minute you begin to “turn the world back into numbers”, you will realize how much clearer things will become.


Put the Pythagorean Principle to use and begin tracking those things that you care about the most.

(C) Sorge Menendez, www.Abundancementality.com 2009, All Rights Reserved

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#1 Vicente de la Fuente on 07.29.09 at 6:45 am

Definitely YES!I want and I aspire abundance in my life. Through my imagination, feeling and through reading the writings on the wall could manifest and create abundance. I am also reading Mr. Robert Scheinfeld’s Busting Loose form the Business Game. It takes the topic of discussion here into a very different place, especially as it relates to money, business and career.

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