You can manifest an abundance of success by living more passionately

I was just talking to one of my best friends during lunch  when I realized something very important:

If you want to live a more passionate life, you have to live your life as passionately as possible.

My friend used to be a big jock when he was in college.

During our conversation, he was reminiscing about the incredible amount of passion he had in life back then and how quickly he lost it all the minute he got a regular job in the workforce.

If there’s anything I’ve learned so far is that if you want to live a life of abundance and reach more of your goals, passion is a key ingredient in that formula.

You must do everything you can to protect your passion at all costs.

I was so touched by our conversation that I spent the rest of the day thinking about this.

Eventually, I brainstormed a couple of key principles that could instantly enhance the amount of passion in anyone’s life. I put these together into the article you’re now reading.


If you want a more passionate life, make sure you do at least one thing you’re passionate about every day.

When he was in college, my friend LOVED soccer.

Not only did he love it, but he lived and breathed it with every ounce of his being. For him, waking up at 5 AM in the freezing Washington DC winter weather and running endless laps across the semi-frozen turf on a grumbling stomach was no biggie as long as he had a soccer ball to kick around.

Why? Because he was doing something he liked, something he was passionate about.

Yet the minute he got stuck in a cubicle working to reach SOMEONE ELSE’S goals, things began to change for the worse. Although he now could sleep until 9 and the hardest effort he did all day was walk to the water cooler, his drive was gone—and so was his passion.

What are the things in life that you’d be willing to give your life for in order to get them? What have you done today to make that dream a bit more real?

Another way to be more passionate about your goals and objectives is to always dream big dreams and set big goals in every area of life—no matter what.

My friend found out his passion for soccer relatively late in life.

Whereas most kids are molded into the sport from an early age, he began to train for soccer during his late teenage years. Although he knew he had a very small chance to even get into the varsity team and a whole lot of work to do, he believed in his dream and his love for the sport.

It paid off.

He managed to get so much out of soccer that not only did he play in teams on the US but also in Europe and South America, but he went as far as to start a soccer coaching business as his first business venture, eventually making a living from it and working with numerous clients in several states.

Best of all, due to his experience training for the sport, he’s become one of the most disciplined people I’ve had the luck to meet. When he sets a goal, he makes it come true.

How come you aren’t dreaming bigger dreams and setting bigger goals?

Another important key factor is to always use deadlines when setting goals. They help make your dreams come true.

One of the things my friend was telling me during our conversation is how much he missed the excitement of training all summer long in order to pass the try-outs and make the school team the minute he joined the rat race.

If you’ve played any team sport before, you probably know the exhilaration of training your hardest day after day for months at a time, knowing that it will eventually pay off them minute you find out you’ve been accepted into the team.

No matter how tired you may feel, you keep on giving it your best day after day, as the try-outs date inches in closer and closer.

Eventually, you get to the point where it doesn’t matter whether you make the team or not—the feeling’s what you’re looking after.

That’s what keeps you training.

That’s what’s keeping you alive.

While there are very few sport teams the average person can train for, you can still manufacture the same passionate feeling and direct it to any area of your life.

You can do that by giving your goals clear deadlines.

Giving yourself a set amount of time to complete an activity is the equivalent of training for try-outs.
Best of all, it is as effective when it comes to getting you motivated!

Another important thing to keep in mind if you desire to lead a more passionate life is to never let other people kill your dreams.

My buddy’s newest passion is business. At the moment, he’s escaped from the cubicle and is now a full-fledged entrepreneur hitting the business world with the same power and drive that he always had in the soccer field.

What’s interesting though is that he is now meeting with the same resistance from people around him that he first encountered when he decided to play soccer at an older age than usual.

“It’s like every time I tell someone I have a new business idea I’m working on, they tell me to quit before I even develop it, that it’s too risky or too dumb or it’s been done before…”

As he told me, I could feel the sadness in his voice.

Hearing this from someone like him not only saddened me, but also helped cement my belief that not all your goals are to be shared freely, at least until you begin believe you can actually achieve them.

I do not believe that this happens because people are inherently evil or any such nonsense, but I do believe that most people have been TAUGHT to be afraid of breaking away from the norm by our society.

The minute you start to shine or follow your own tune, the obvious reaction is to pull you back down to the group mind; often times, for no other reason than to “protect you from yourself.”

If you want to live a passionate lifestyle, keep your dreams to yourself, at least for a little while. If you do share them, at least don’t be too upset when others resist you.

What I like best about friends like the one in this story is that we share the same abundance mentality.

A true go-getter, right before the conversation was over, my friend was already telling me about his new business project and I sighed in relief after noticing noticed the familiar tinge of excitement return to his voice.

The passion had returned.

If you want to lead a more successful life, you must lead a passionate life. By doing things you’re passionate about, dreaming big dreams and setting big goals, giving your goals deadlines and being careful who you share your goals with, you can keep your passion alive for as long as you want to.


Are you leading a passionate life? If not, which of these principles can you begin to use to make it more so?

(C) Sorge Menendez, 2009, All Rights Reserved


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